UH88 Weather and Status Page

*** Wind sensor DISABLED pending hardware repair/replacement.
*** CFHT data is being used for closure/warnings, and will display on mouseover of below image (pending javascript).
*** 2015-04-08 lm

Weather data access (work in progress)

Time (html update): 2016-08-23 22:20:52 HST
Time last temp/wind reading: 5 days ago
Time last TCS report: seconds ago
Last caution time: 5 days ago, Reason: Wind
Last warning time: 9 days ago, Reason: Humidity
Using CFHT wind data!
Temp = 5.30, Hum% = 26.1, Wind Gust = 5.93

Status image 1 Status image 2 Status image 3 Status image 4

External temp/RH/wind

External temp/RH/wind
Older Temp/RH/Wind data

The wind direction is relative to the dome direction. If there is no wind data,
everything will be at the same point, which is the dome encoder data.
Wind and Dome directions

Wind and Dome polar plot
Last week's wind and dome angle

Dome Shutter status plot

High/fluctuating rain rates may indicate ice forming and melting on
the precipitation sensor. Please verify any precipitation with other
summit weather information/sensors. This is especially likely if the
wind sensor indicates failure due to obscuration (wind speeds = -1).
Recent precipitation measurements

Internal temperatures
Older internal data

Difference graphs Outside vs Inside